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Our mission

We have been working in IT for more than 19 years. Over 10 years we have been helping to secure, plan, optimize and upgrade IT-infrastructure for companies of any size and budget. We know all about IT – starting scratch up to virtualisation, containerization and complex system architecture for big companies and goverment.

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We are ready to share our experience, that we have collected for all 17 years

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We know all the ways how to cut expences in IT and make better quality after.

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Company that allready help to save for our clients more than 20 millions dollars in IT, and more than 1 million dollars every month.
Our clients pay less and grows 10 time faster than other from their business sector.

We want to see the best possible future and know that digitalisation of business make it true. We provide our help with best ways to optimise and upgrade IT systems of our clients.

Make our work with wonderful quality and in time. Talk with clients on the ‘humans’ language, not in IT terms.

We helping to spend less money for companies and taking our revenue only from difference between expensies before optimisation and after. So our clients anyway pay less than before. Also we provides some payible services.

A IT agency focused on growing your company

We’re helping business of any size

Our plans

Simple pricing. Great products.

IT optimisation

25% cost savings

first 3 month

System architecture

from $20000

for 1 project

'Go digital' for small business

from $0

in first year

Our team

Meet some of our staff

Valentin Trofimovich

Valentin Trofimovich

CEO, System architect

Vladimir Gavriley

IT analyst, Defence tester

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Our testimonials

Special thanks for help in cutting IT expenses. Saved more than 3500$ monthly on restructure of or IT logic and find better ways to organise processes.
Anastasy Sprigina
Project manager
Special thanks for team of They save the project that cost us 15 millions USD and was tottaly destroyed by hardware and human errors.
Dmitrii Semenov
IT Director